CBD and The 7 Dimensions of Wellness

on August 17, 2020

Health and Wellness, in general, can be tough to understand because the term is an expansive and overarching phrase that can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Luckily, with so much information and dissemination, there have been many creative ways to help understand wellness in a simplified manner. 

The Seven Dimensions of Wellness is one way that people try to categorize and maintain their wellness. Today we’ll be discussing the topic and explaining how CBD can tie into this method of understanding wellness.


Although many people choose to categorize wellness into physical and mental categories, The Seven Dimensions of Wellness choose to further break it down into seven groups (mind-blowing, we know). These seven dimensions are as follows: social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual, and physical wellbeing. 

CBD and The Seven Dimensions of Wellness

With these different dimensions in mind, you can go through the many layers of yourself and decide whether or not they feel as though certain areas lack attention or care. The seven dimensions allow for a diverse range of self-understanding and reflective thinking. 

When trying to understand yourself and each layer, asking yourself, “Does this layer feel fulfilled and cared for?” is a great way to begin working to develop each one for your wellbeing. 

Also, understanding what it means to fulfill each one is very subjective; for example, spiritual wellness means many things to many different people and should be treated on an individual basis. 

Overall, diving into each one and answering whether or not they feel fulfilled can be a tried and true method for helping you find a little more balance and wellness in life. 

Social Wellness

Social Wellness is one of the dimensions because your social life and who you surround yourself with is crucial to being happy and fulfilled in life. By surrounding yourself with people who are positive, uplifting, and ambitious, you too will begin to match and strive to imitate those qualities, eventually taking them on as your own and uplifting others. 

Teamwork, collaboration, and communication are other aspects of social wellness that matter. Almost everybody has to work with others in some capacity, whether it’s their job, family, or relationships. Although you don’t always get to choose who you surround yourself within these scenarios, understanding the importance of communication and overall wellness in this dimension will help to make this part of your life more fulfilling and more relaxed.

CBD ties into this dimension because for many people who may suffer from social anxiety or stress from relationships, CBD can be a great way to help relax and calm down to better focus on maintaining social wellness.  

“Surround yourself with those who only lift you higher.” -Oprah Winfrey

Some Questions to Ask Yourself About Social Wellness

  • Do I surround myself with uplifting and positive energy? If not, what can I do to change that?
  • Do I put out positive and uplifting energy? If not, what can I do to change that?
  • What are the ways for me to improve or evolve my relationships with others to benefit everyone involved?

Emotional Wellness

Emotional Wellness is a pretty self-explanatory title because it is the foundation of wellness for many people. Having your emotions in check and understanding yourself on an emotional level can be crucial to making the other dimensions function and improve over time.

Emotional wellness is being able to understand and express your own emotions productively and thoughtfully to change whatever may be wrong or improve whatever may be great in life. 

CBD can tie into this dimension by allowing you to relax and clear your mind with our products, to encourage more focus on improving your emotional wellness.

“True emotional healing doesn't happen without feeling. The only way out is through.”- Jessica Moore


Some Questions to Ask Yourself About Emotional Wellness

  • Do I make time to focus and think about my current emotional state?
  • How can I better understand myself and my own emotions?
  • How do others understand and develop their emotional wellness? Are those methods worth trying? 

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual Wellness is probably the most subjective of all the dimensions. Because spirituality has such an interpretive definition, it is really in the eye of the beholder. Simply put, your spirituality means your guiding principles, values, or goals. 

Spiritual wellness defined by those ideas would mean to be living your life in line with your values and guiding principles and being the person that you set out to be every day. 

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” -Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


Some Questions to Ask Yourself About Spiritual Wellness

  • What values and principles guide me and are most important in my mind?
  • Do I live every day by those principles? If not, what stops me?

Environmental Wellness

Environmental wellness can be interpreted in a couple of different ways. On a personal level, it could just be whether or not you are happy where you are, the location where you live or reside. Being satisfied where you are is crucial to mental health and emotional wellbeing. 

Another way to look at it would be whether or not you live your life treating the environment and the natural world with respect. No, it’s not plausible for many people to live their life perfectly and without any waste or impact on the environment, but taking little steps every day to reduce your impact is what can make a difference. Something is always better than nothing.

“The earth is what we all have in common” -Wendell Berry

Our CBD can help you with this by providing a USA-grown and natural remedy to many ailments people experience. We also offer vegan products to have a less impactful role in carbon emissions from many animal products.

Questions to Ask Yourself About Environmental Wellness

  • What do I do to lessen my impact on the world around me?
  • Is there more that I can do? If so, how?
  • Am I happy where I am? Why?

Occupational Wellness

Occupational wellness is related to the job or occupation that you are involved in. Whether or not you like your profession, what it entails, and where it leads are all part of this dimension of wellness. 

This dimension might not be so easy to change (for obvious reasons) because occupations generally have an essential role to play in your financial wellbeing and maintaining other aspects of your life. But, understanding how you feel about your occupation and why you feel that way may allow you to make small changes for a more positive experience overall.

"Though no one can go back and make a brand-new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." - Carl Bard

With most occupations, there also comes a certain level of stress and strain on the mind and body. With CBD, the pressure can be mitigated and possibly reduced because of the calming effects of CBD and CBD oils. 

Questions to Ask Yourself About Occupational Wellness

  • Do I like my current occupation? Why?
  • What can I learn or take away from it?

Intellectual Wellness

Learning and expanding the mind is an ongoing and endless process that makes up part of every person's wellbeing overall. Intellectual wellness is just the idea that maintaining your mind will help you maintain overall wellness.

Whether learning a new hobby or just reading a book, keeping your mind active will always be a significant step towards improving wellness overall.

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” – Socrates

With CBD’s relaxing and calming effects, learning can be made more accessible by improving focus and overall attention to whatever you are learning. Sometimes, learning a new thing can be made difficult by the inability to focus, and CBD can be one possible solution to this problem for any individual. 

Questions To Ask Yourself About Intellectual Wellness

  • What interests you? Why?
  • What makes you feel like you are challenging yourself, how can you conquer it?

Physical Wellness

Physical Wellness is probably the most visible dimension of wellness in every person. Keeping your physical being strong and fit is an integral part of life and goes hand in hand with the rest of the dimensions to keep them all balanced. Whether you’re an avid cyclist or just a casual gym-goer, physical activity can be meditative and therapeutic for anybody.

With physical activity comes soreness, injury, stiffness, and other physical ailments. Our CBD can be great to help reduce the strain on your body and improve recovery or comfort.

“If you have a body, you are an athlete” - Bill Bowerman

Questions To Ask Yourself About Physical Wellness

  • What keeps me active and moving?
  • How can I stay motivated to maintain my physical wellness?


Wellness is not a simple topic or the same for any two people. It’s incredibly subjective and has endless variables that makeup what wellness means. Its definition is ever-changing and continuously developing for every individual.

At BeSababa, we understand that and want to do our part to give tools, resources, and ongoing streams of information to make that clear. The Seven Dimensions of Wellness are one of the infinite ways to think about and understand personal wellness, and we believe it’s important to share so that you can continue to search and learn about what’s out there. 

We will continue to provide the information and make it a core part of our brand. To stay informed, sign up below to receive notifications and information about BeSababa.

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