How We Got Here? | The Story Behind BeSababa CBD

on August 04, 2020


When CBD and recovery were chosen for the week’s blog topic, there were a couple of different ways to approach explaining why CBD can be such a beneficial product for a natural and holistic recovery. 

We initially thought that writing it as a research-based and very official post would make the most sense. Obviously there is a lot of research that can explain why we support and advocate for the use of CBD, but we decided to approach it a little differently. 

This week’s blog post is more of a story than anything else. It’s the story of one of our founders and how he was introduced to CBD and how it has helped him get to where he is today. 

The story isn’t meant to be unique or some sort of astonishing story; actually, it’s a really simple story. A story that many people can relate to or know someone who can relate to it.

We hope that you find some understanding of BeSababa and our intentions through this story. 

My Story

After suffering a back injury in high school from continued impact and pressure on my back from competitive swimming and water polo, I was left feeling like my body had betrayed me. I’m sure any athlete (whether competitive or recreational) who’s suffered a sport-related injury knows how truly demoralizing it can be. Losing much of the progress and level of performance you had worked so hard to gain, all because of what you were working towards in the first place does not feel good. 

Part of what made it so tough for me is that it did not feel like I was at a point in life where injuries and that kind of pain are valid, I was young and energetic and just starting to really love such a high level of physical activity. I was immediately sent to physical therapy and told to rest my body for 6 months so that the stress fracture in my back could heal. Another bummer. 

As I began physical therapy, it felt like it helped a little bit and I was beginning to recover, but the truth was that I wasn’t recovering because every day I would wake up and the pain wouldn’t be gone. Even 6 years later, I still sometimes wake up and have the same aching pain in my lower back and hips from an injury that was supposed to be fixed 5.5 years ago. 

The only thing that has truly changed about my injury was my mindset and approach to treating it. After those first 6 months, I decided to not return to swimming or water polo because the pain had not left my body and I didn’t want to just make the problem worse. This was a bummer for me because those two sports are basically all I had known in terms of staying physically active and healthy. 

The next couple of years were tough and somewhat lazy, the pain was not gone but I did nothing to really help it. I didn’t pursue any sports, other than casual walks outside, and I lost all motivation to really keep my body moving and staying strong. 

With the ongoing pain, I was recommended all sorts of solutions ranging from stuff as simple as ice to solutions as complicated as weekly chiropractic sessions. These didn’t interest me and I didn’t pursue them for the same reason I hadn’t before: if something was going to work wouldn’t it already have appeared. 

Luckily, my parents are relentless and wonderful people who didn’t ever let me stop searching for a solution to my problem. My mom offered me CBD one day as a test to see what all the hype was about and whether or not this natural remedy actually worked. I skeptically tried it out and was surprised to find that it did relieve much of the pain in my lower back and hips. It felt like it had relaxed the muscles and allowed me to move and function in a way that I had not felt in a couple of years.

I was hooked pretty fast and loved the products for their simplicity and overall natural feel. CBD was exactly what I needed at that point in my life to help me feel like the solution to my problems was available. It just would take some extra time and effort to find. I think that many times, the best solution to any problem takes extra searching and guidance to find. If everyone just accepted the standard fix that appears at first glance, progress can’t really ever be made.

Today, I’m an avid mountain biker and an overall lover of the outdoors. I continue to use CBD almost daily to help me deal with the general aches, pains, and soreness that come with being active; but, I feel stronger and healthier than I ever have and will continue to do my best to maintain the level of physical comfort I’ve been lucky to achieve. 

I continued to use CBD and pursue new forms of physical therapy that strengthened my body and allowed me to function at my best regardless of the physical limitations I had felt before. CBD also turned me to natural and herbal remedies in general because it showed me that sometimes the best healing is done in the simplest manner. To this day, I continue to explore and try new products that I feel could solve everyday problems in the right hands. 

Adding and expanding our products past CBD to just general health and wellness is a massive part of what drives us to grow the brand. My story is not uncommon, and I definitely did not share it thinking that I am alone. Almost everybody, at any age, suffers from some sort of physical pain, aches, or soreness. That is why sharing the intention and ideas behind BeSababa are so important.

I hope that me sharing my story helps explain a little more about the brand and intention behind CBD products that we sell. We look forward to adding more information, products, and new ideas to the brand as we grow and build the BeSababa family. 

-Aaron W


This week’s blog post is meant to be simple and straightforward. We love producing content that is informational and adds to the realm of health and wellness knowledge that can be found on BeSababa; but, this week was a week to just tell a story.

As a brand, we want to create content that is informative and also unique. Even though many stories are relatable, that doesn’t make the individual experience any less unique. That is kind of the beauty of stories: the relatability that can be balanced with individuality. 

Anyways, we hope you enjoyed the story and look forward to reading next week’s post. We would love to keep you informed whenever we post or have any brand updates - so please sign up with your email to stay updated below!

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