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on April 16, 2020



BeSababa is committed to providing the healthiest and most reliable wellness products to those in search of a solution to everyday issues. When using our brand, you will be joining a community focused on wellness, health, exploration, and quality of life. 

I started BeSababa in early 2020 with the intention of selling products that deliver all the wellness benefits of a natural remedy or relaxation combined with a brand experience like no other. My experience started in high school after suffering a stress fracture in my lower back after years of swimming and water polo activities. I was in excruciating pain that had virtually no practical solutions (aside from rest and physical therapy) for a couple of years before I was introduced to CBD by my mother. Like many, I was skeptical at first and worried about the possible effects of "weed" and that put me off to the idea. However, after further research and reassurance that this was not the traditional weed and did not contain THC, I tried it out. I experienced immediate pain relief and comfort. I continued to use other wellness products that were all providing positive results with different benefits. 

Over the next couple years, the product category began to popup everywhere in the media, grocery stores, and other outlets ; it is now going mainstream but quality and consistency are still a concern unless you use reliable sources. 

I was very encouraged and excited to see the growth and acceptance of a product that had helped me so much and was providing solutions to many others in various aspects of their lives. 

Flash forward to 2020 and I was finally presented with the time and education to make my goals of building a brand around something I truly loved and have been passionate about. BeSababa is a passion project dedicated to offering wellness, relaxation and feel-good products. I look forward to continuing my work and development in an industry that impacts lives positively. 

-Aaron W

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