5 Sustainable CBD Brands and Products That Are Perfect For Any Consumer

on June 29, 2020

At BeSababa we are constantly searching for great products and other great brands in our industry that focus on many aspects of their products other than their prices, margins and profitability. As a brand committed to wellness and health, that means reaching into the realm of healthy and sustainable product sourcing, environmental focus, and fair treatment of people involved in the different stages of bring us the CBD products that we love.

For this post, we went out and searched for brands and products that take a unique and well rounded approach to CBD products. We focused on how they source the ingredients used in their product, their overall transparency with consumers, and whatever other unique takes they have on well produced CBD. For each brand we will describe their CBD products and then explain why the specific product was chosen for this list of sustainable CBD products. We were able to find brands in different CBD product types, such as CBD Coffee, CBD Chocolate, CBD Coconut Oil and CBD Gummies, and we compiled them into a short and explanatory list. 


CBD Coffee

Strava Craft Coffee

strava craft cbd coffee product page

Strava Craft Coffee is a wonderful CBD Coffee brand that provides customers with the opportunity to select from a range of different product options. Whether you're looking for medium roast, dark roast, or even nespresso pods and K-cups, Strava Coffee has got you covered with their CBD infused coffee options. Also, they offer ground or whole beans as well as decaf options of their CBD coffees. Obviously their options are endless and we expect that they will only continue to expand their offerings. 

Although they have a diverse range of product offerings, Strava Craft Coffee really earned their spot on this list because of their set of brand beliefs and purpose. They have an entire page dedicated to explaining what they call Strava Gold (which can be found by clicking: here). Essentially, Strava Gold is "a belief, a commitment, and a promise". As a brand, Strava Craft Coffee has committed to transparency and quality that they have explained in their Strava Gold program. What BeSababa really loved about the program was their focus on ethical sourcing and transparency. They have use a partnered direct trade approach to sourcing their coffee so that they can know the true local impacts of their business when they buy their coffee beans. Strava also invests money into the infrastructure and education of communities that they buy from with the goal of giving back to the communities that they, as a brand, benefit from. While their coffee is bought from the Jericó region of Colombia, their CBD is sourced carefully from within the United States so that there is sufficient oversight that allows them to source in a conscious manner.

Overall, Strava seems heavily committed to providing amazing CBD coffee products while still emphasizing a holistic and thoughtful approach to running a business that effects more parties than just their own. For these reasons, BeSababa admires them and looks forward to their success and growth as a brand.

Fast Facts:

  • CBD Coffee Options: Decaf, medium roast, dark roast, and k-cups or Nespresso pods
  • CBD Dosages: 4mg, 10mg, or 20mg per serving
  • Full Spectrum CBD, Broad Spectrum CBD, or CBD Isolate: Broad Spectrum CBD
  • Price Range: $21-$54 for a bag of coffee
  • Other Notes: Colombian coffee from the Jericó region of Colombia, small batch coffee roasting, and organic hemp 


 CBD Chocolate

Lulu's Chocolate

lulus cbd chocolate product page

Lulu's chocolate is another brand BeSababa really loves for their products and commitment to values larger than just the world of CBD. Lulu's is an awesome brand that was started in 2006 by Lulu who realized the health benefits and tastiness of dark chocolate after a trip to Hawaii. Later on, Lulu's began using CBD in their chocolate and, as they say, the rest is history. Their hemp is organically grown in the USA and third party lab tested, so they're the real deal.

With regards to sustainability and Lulu's practices, they are very conscious to how their product can be made in a way that benefits all parties involved. They source their cacao from farms in Ecuador where they know that the farmers are paid a living wage and treated with respect. Additionally, almost all of their packaging is made in a sustainable fashion. From their chocolate bar pouches that are biodegradable to their compostable stickers, their packaging is meant to be reused and reduce waste for consumers. Lulu's is also HowGood Certified which means they follow strict sustainability standards in their sourcing in manufacturing. To read more about HowGood Certifications, click here

Finally, Lulu's has tapped into supporting fellow female founders by selling products from other brands on their site. With these partner brands, they look for female founders who run CBD brands that focus on "doing the right things for the right reasons". To read more about this aspect of a unique branding experience, click here!

Lulu's is a truly awesome CBD chocolate brand that is going to be very exciting for BeSababa to watch grow and change in the future. Lulu, their founder, has put the brand on an amazing track that is very impressive to anyone interested in sustainable CBD products and chocolate (so, basically everyone). 

Fast Facts:

  • CBD Chocolate Options: truffles, chocolate, and chocolate bar
  • Other Products: Partner brand CBD products
  • CBD Dosages: 20mg CBD or 80mg CBD bar
  • Full Spectrum CBD, Broad Spectrum CBD, or CBD Isolate: CBD Isolate, but full spectrum products are coming soon 
  • Price Range: $4-$132 


Vital Leaf Chocolate

vital leaf cbd chocolate product page

Vital Leaf Chocolate is the second CBD chocolate brand on this list (chocolate really deserves multiple spots). With their variety of three different current flavors, they have a CBD chocolate for virtually anybody. Their USA grown hemp is non-GMO and regeneratively grown in Oregon. 

Their chocolate is made with organic and fair trade certified cacao so as to be sustainable for both people and the environment. One unique aspect of Vital Leaf is that they have partnered with Yellow Seed to educate people about the lives of farmers and the regenerative cacao movement. To read more about that, click here!

Vital Leaf is a wholesome brand in their approach to CBD products (they also sell cbd oil, cbd balms, and cbd capsules) and especially CBD chocolate. The brand has a feeling of being salt of the earth as a company with a mission to provide amazing products and sustainable solutions to real world problems. With their active and thoughtful approach to sustainability for people and the environment, BeSababa is truly excited to advocate for their work. 

Fast Facts:


 CBD Coconut Oil

Lazarus Naturals CBD Coconut Oil

lazarus naturals cbd coconut oil product page

CBD coconut oil is a very exciting product for BeSababa because of its many uses and simplicity. Lazarus Naturals is a CBD brand that sells an array of products, but one of their most unique products is their coconut oil. Since not too many CBD brands are focused on coconut oil infused with CBD, it becomes even harder for buyers to find a brand that offers CBD coconut oil with sustainable approaches to problems. Luckily, Lazarus Naturals is here to fill that space and provide consumers with that product. 

Using their full spectrum CBD that is grown on their own company farms, they infuse organic coconut oil to make a simplistic but useful CBD product. All their products are made in America and non-gmo. Although that's awesome, what's really special about their brand is that they offer discounts and assistance programs for veterans, people with long-term disabilities, and low-income households. They do this with the goal of making CBD products available to those who may need them but have problems affording them, this approach to selling CBD makes Lazarus a truly special brand in the CBD world. Read more about that program, click here!

Lazarus naturals makes a simple but endlessly useful product that is for anyone to use and enjoy. Lazarus stands out from most CBD brands with their intention of providing everyone with their products no matter what the brand must sacrifice in terms of financial gains. For these reasons, BeSababa fully supports and advocates for their brand. 

Fast Facts:

  • Coconut Oil: Refined
  • CBD Dosages: 50mg of CBD per teaspoon
  • Full Spectrum CBD, Broad Spectrum CBD, and CBD Isolate: Full Spectrum CBD
  • Price Range: $12-$42


CBD Gummies

Not Pot CBD Gummies

not pot cbd gummies product page

Not Pot CBD Gummies are not only a fun and intriguing brand to explore, they also have created a great product that is flying off the shelves. They refer to their CBD gummies as the chillest gummies because they are vegan, non-GMO, free of artificial flavors, and free of dyes. 

Their CBD is USA grown in Oregon and in compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill. They have also created a very fun site to observe and explore, although they currently only sell CBD gummies (however they offer bunch of flavors). 

They have also stepped outside the world of CBD by creating a bail fund that they run and invest money into with the intention of doing their part to repair parts of the justice system in America that could use some work. To read more about that, click here!

Not Pot is a brand that may seem simple at first glance but will definitely be growing and expanding to be a serious part of the world of CBD. They are working hard to do good outside of well made products and because of that, BeSababa truly admires them. 

Fast Facts:

  • CBD Gummy Flavors: strawberry, blue raspberry, watermelon, pineapple, green apple, grape, and elderberry immunity (an immunity boosting gummy) 
  • CBD Dosages: 10mg CBD per gummy and 30 gummies per jar (300mg of CBD in total)
  • Full Spectrum CBD, Broad Spectrum CBD, and CBD Isolate: Not sure based on their site but it does not seem to be a CBD Isolate
  • Price Range: $40


BeSababa is a brand that is heavily focused on creating and uplifting products that are made in sustainable and ethical ways. We want to see people and brands who care about the greater good succeed because those brands truly make a difference in this world and serve as examples to other brands and consumers as a whole. Sustainability is important to BeSababa and we believe that it will only continue to grow in importance in an ever-changing society that sees the value of community service and rebuilding the world. 

Disclaimer: none of these statements are meant to provide medically provided solutions to any customers and the FDA has not reviewed any of the statements made above. This blog is based on research and learning done by BeSababa, if there is any issues you see with this post, please feel free to reach out to info@besababa.com. 




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